Book Review “God can you tell me what to say… when I pray?”

I’m one of those people that talk to God on a regular basis. God is my confidant. We share funny inside jokes, he keeps me in line and strengthens my faith daily. Everyone should have their own personal relationship with God, as a child that can be scary and intimidating. You want me to talk to something I can’t see, hear or touch? Will he answer me back? Should I feel differently afterward? What should I say when I pray?

Childhood should be an abundance of impromptu dance parties, exciting discoveries, and many tickle fights, while we all wish that were 99% of a child’s existence most children deal with intense, confusing, and horrifying issues. Children love to take responsibility for things that have nothing to do with them. It’s hard to explain to an 8-year old that Grandma is never coming home or that we have to move to another state.

Our job as mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends, and family is to help nurture children, point them in the right direction, give them a good foundation to lead happy, joyful lives. When God placed the desire to write this book on my heart it all made sense, encouraging children to pray will shape their future and I wanted to be a part of that.

My book explains prayer in simple ways that kids can understand. Using real-life examples “God tell me what to say when I pray” touches on death, thankfulness, forgiveness, understanding and having a relationship with God. It also teaches children that their prayers do make a difference.

The people are talking…. here’s what they said:

I love the title, it will attract a broad population. The cover with the boy looking out the window was very colorful and bright. The airplane caught my eye since Stephen knew that GOD was in the clouds and he wanted to be a pilot. loved how it appeared that he was seeking/looking for his very own way to talk to GOD in the sky! For students that shows spirituality and character.

I felt that this book will speak to a large population of young boys in our environment that may not go to church often or may not know how to pray or know what to say to GOD. As we read the book, the students realized that they can talk and ask GOD for any and everything, therefore they learned that there was no right or wrong time or way to pray and that it was OK to believe.
LaToria Scott
5th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Public School #10 Paterson, NJ

Sybil Alana’s book does a fantastic job of teaching kindness. Through a conversation that starts with God, Stephen goes on to ask various questions about whether he can be heard. While you may think this is a prayer (and it may be!), it is also a conversation too, which helps make it relatable to anyone! The conversation is more than just about himself, but looking out for others in his community, how his day went, and why he does not have a Dad.

The book is moving and is for anyone who wants to hear a conversation from a young boy looking over his life. People of all ages need to read this book. We need to be reminded of how to be kind and caring not just to ourselves but to others. I will want to add this to my library collection to share with parents and children who are looking to hear a voice that they can relate to. Sybil knows just how to make you feel that kindness is still possible
Tommy Skrnich
Bogota Public Library
Youth Services Coordinator

Shipping was quick as expected and came in very secure packaging. The storyline of Stephen is a really good one and we enjoyed it. The Large pictures really helped understand the storyline and absolutely loved it! Would recommend this book for Kids of all ages. 5 Stars – Vernon Carter

This is an on-time book for any child on prayer. This book has beautifully illustrated pictures that parents could use as a bedtime story. I would recommend this to all parents who want to give their children a good foundation in prayer. 5 stars – Mary Rice

An awesome children’s book. Beautifully illustrated. Easy to read and understand for children who are being taught the Bible and how to pray to God at their age levels. Would recommend this book to be a number 1 seller. 5 stars – Terry Lynn


Sybil Alana, has a passion for food, travel, books and she's in love with love. A woman of God who lives her life on purpose. 😊

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